Dizzy Dean – Brunswick Mx: RCX-9524-A

Dizzy Dean 78prm InterviewThis rare (and possibly unique) disc is from the “Sports Secrets” series of 1934; of which only two programs are known to have survived.  The other existing program features Joe Cronin.  That disc has a printed Brunswick label, while this example has a typewritten label with information etched into the lead-in groove on the outside of the disc, and is oversized, at almost 13″, indicating it is probably a test pressing.

In addition, there is an outtake from Dizzy Dean on the extreme outer 1/8th inch of the disc, which, along with the written information etched into the lead-in groove, would have been trimmed off of a regular production disc.

The date of 1934 was taken from Michael J. Corenthal’s book Baseball On Record and has not been independently confirmed.

Although he went on to become a sportscaster, Dean was much better off the cuff than reading from a prepared script, and he struggled with the prepared dialogue.

This disc is a good combination of genuine rarity as well as HOF content.  Enjoy!

Dizzy Dean – Brunswick RCX9524 – 1934


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